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Buck Bailey - Libertarian Candidate

U.S. Representative, District 7, Colorado

More Freedom, Less Government


2012 General Election:

U.S. House of Representatives

Colorado's 7th Congressional District

Buck Bailey's Campaign Promises:

  • Read and work to understand every piece of legislation proposed during my time in office. If unable to do so, I will either abstain in protest or vote no on the issue.
  • Restore the Federal Government to its proper Constitutional roles. In particular, support the ninth and tenth amendments to the Constitution to protect the state government roles and the rights of individuals.
  • Work to end the use of US Military Forces as the world's police force. We must remain strong and able to go anywhere in the world to defend US Citizens against aggression. However, once the aggression is stopped, our military forces should return to US territory. End the "police" actions in Afghanistan, Iraq, Korea, and elsewhere in the world.
Buck Bailey, Libertarian Candidate for Colorado's 7th Congressional District
"I served my country with honor, courage and commitment. I bring this same integrity to my business. I will serve the citizens of Colorado with dedication, tenacity and optimism. I offer to Serve as Representative from Colorado's Seventh District to the US Congress."
- Buck Bailey

Upcoming Appearances:

Colorado Decides: Congressional Candidates Forum

KBDI - Channel 12
Sunday, Oct. 28th at 8:00 PM

A 30 minute forum featuring two third party Congressional candidates running in CD 6 and in CD 7, four guests total, moderated by Dominic Dezzutti and Eric Sondermann. Tune in to KBDI Channel 12 to watch.

Or Watch Colorado Decides Online
When you mark your ballot this year, vote for what you believe, rather than against what you fear.

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